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Axel Yngvason, manager of Hotel Skulagardur and the River Guesthouse 0

Skúlagarður Country Hotel opens a new Guesthouse

Skúlagarður Country Hotel in North Iceland will open a new guesthouse this summer. The hotel now offers 17 rooms with private bathrooms. “The new guesthouse has 30 rooms with shared facilities and will start operation in...

Surtsey, Iceland 0

50 years ago today: A new island is born

50 years ago today, a new island was born, off the southern coast of Iceland. The new island was named Surtsey, after Surtr, a fire jötunn or giant from Norse mythology. It was intensively studied by...

The Pirate Bay finds new home in Iceland 0

The Pirate Bay finds new home in Iceland

After bouncing around several top-level domains over the past couple of months, BitTorrent tracker The Pirate Bay has finally found a home in Iceland, mashable.com reports. The Pirate Bay’s search for a TLD — initiated as...