How I discoverd Iceland

Stykkishólmur by Teo Romera

I think it was in 2006 that I discovered a website with links to live cameras around the world. There were some categories to choose from, cameras from Asia, cameras from America, cameras from Europe and more. Among the categories was one that caught my eye; Cameras from Islands. The first link in that category was “live camera from Stykkisholmur, Iceland“. That was the first time I saw the most beautiful place I had ever seen, a little town with an amazing skyline – with a small harbor and far mountains in the background. I was hypnotized by the view of this place.

Stykkishólmur WebcamI started to watch it every day. I saw the sunny days of summer and the midnight sun, even though it was very late here at my home in Israel. I saw the land turning from brown to green in spring and I saw the snow cover the land in the winter. For almost two years, I watched Stykkisholmur like I live there and saw what people were doing and how the seasons were changing.

While watching the camera, I started to dream about the day I would visit Iceland. The day I would see the little harbor and the little cliff that protect it. I was dreaming about the day I would see where this live camera was located and I was dreaming about the day I would see the skyline of this little place that had become a part of my life and my heart.

Stykkishólmur WebcamIn July 2008, I came to Iceland for the first time. I will never forget the moment the Icelandair Boeing went through the clouds and revealed to me the gray ocean water and the dark brown land of Iceland. “Heima minn” were the first two Icelandic words I whispered to myself when I saw Iceland from above. And I can not describe the feeling when I first walked on the land of my dreams.

Iceland was amazing! Every waterfall, every mountain, river, cloud, road sign, stone – everything was so exciting for me. This place got into my heart and I was the happiest person in the world. People say that they can’t see god and don’t know if he is really exist, but after I saw Iceland I realized that god is the nature and Iceland is the proof of that (we say in Israel “God is watching us” and for me it’s like that if god is watching us so he is doing it from Iceland).

After ten days in Iceland, finally I saw Stykkisholmur. Unfortunately I could not spent a lot of time there, but you can imagine how it feels to make your dreams come true and see for real the things you always dreamed of. After I visited Iceland I understood that Iceland is a perfect analogy for my life. I am like Iceland, far away from people – mysterious and unknown – but when you discover it you can find a lot of nice things and see the beauty of it.

I can’t wait for my 4th visit to Iceland.

Photos by Teo Romera and the Stykkishólmur Webcam

Elad E. Azar

Elad E. Azar is a 33 year old web designer from Israel. He is a big fan of Iceland and a future tourguide to the lonely island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

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