A buried treasure at new Húsavík Cape Hotel

Húsavík Cape Hotel

A new hotel will open this spring in Húsavík, the whale watching capital of Iceland. The Húsavík Cape Hotel, located on its namesake, will offfer a spectacular view of Skjálfandi bay and the town. And a buried treasure for future generations in the lobby.

As construction workers convert the former fishing plant to a modern hotel, the owners wanted to add a little love to their new hotel. They are now preparing a love capsule that will be placed in the concrete base of the reception floor. “We want people from all over the world to help us by sending us messages of love and friendship, that will then be placed in the love capsule,” says Gunnar Hnefill, one of the owners of Húsavík Cape Hotel. “This will not be your typical hotel with endless hallways, this will be a small hotel with character and heart,” says his brother Örlygur Hnefill. The family behind the new Húsavík Cape Hotel also runs Húsavík Guesthouse, which has become known for a warm atmosphere and personal service.

When finished, the new hotel will offer 17 rooms on two floors. The ground floor, housing 7 guest rooms, a dining room and the reception, will open on May 25th. Originally built in 1950 by the Húsavík Fishing Company, the building is now undergoing a complete renovation, including placing the love capsule in the buildings foundation.

The Love Capsule will be buried on February 10, 2012, so if you want to add your message, you have a few days to email them to lovecapsule@husavikhotels.com.

Ingimar Björn Davíðsson

Ingimar is a freelance filmmaker with a degree from the Icelandic Film School. He has worked as an assistant producer at Sagafilm in Reykjavík, as a museum co-ordinator at the Akureyri Art Museum and as a journalist and layout artist at Morgunblaðið, the oldest newspaper in Iceland.

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