The Whale Watching season in Húsavík has begun

Husavik Whale Watching

Killer Whale (Orca) on Skjálfandi bay

Last week saw the start of the Whale Watching season in Húsavík, a small town in the North of Iceland, known as Europe’s Whale Watching capital. April 1st marked the official start to the Húsavík Whale Watching season this year, a little earlier than past years.

“After a slow start with three tours where the playful Harbour porpoises played the main role, things started to get serious today,” Heimir Harðarson, North Sailing spokesman said yesterday. “After two hours of dolphin watching, the 13 lucky travellers from Austria, Spain and the UK got to see over 30 Orcas on Skjálfandi bay.” Knörrinn, the oldest boat in the Icelandic whale watching fleet, sometimes came as close as a couple of meters from the largest whales. “This is a promising start to a good summer on Skjálfandi bay,” Harðarson told goIceland reporter.


Örlygur Hnefill

Örlygur Hnefill Örlygsson is the manager of Húsavík Hotels and co-founder of He has worked as a journalist at Fréttablaðið newspaper in Reykjavík and at the Parliament of Iceland, as an assistant to MP for North East Constituency.

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